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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area rick boone joins from us pleasant hill where we got an update. >> reporter: yeah they talked a lot about that tape, the viewers just kmekd out there. we're showing that to you. that person of interest they want to you look very closely. because that was the person they say was caught on surveillance tape just moments -- just moments before the recent fire. you can hardly see the person at the top of your screen but they may play a roll in now a brentwood car caught fire. >> i was thinking about how terrifying that kids must have been for the kids to hearing the banging on the door, shack shaken out of sleep. >> we learned the fires this week in lafayette walnut creek and brentwood, the two are now feshlly connected the this is the latest fire from brentwood today investigators are still looking for suspects or suspect. >> we want to make sure we can try and catch the person doing this. >> and we learned there have
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been more fires this year that could be linked to this fire bug. investigators say the suspect is not just burning vehicles but putting lives in danger. because many of these cars are set on fire right next to homes. >> these fires are movement been occurring during the overnight hours. people are home asleep. one of the fires in brentwood this morning had two young children immediately above the fire area. >> reporter: this is where. investigators now need your help if you seeny suspicious activity around home or vehicle contact them immediately. this is an ongoing investigation. and their fear is that it could get even larger. we're live in pleasant hill, rick boone. >> okay rick thank you. we'll keep you on-site. also track any new developments in the arson investigation. update on our 11:00 newscasts and we'll continue to update the digital platform through the evening. no collusion that is the word tonight from president
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trump about his campaign and the russians. the president made that assertion in an exclusive interview with nbc news aegs lester holt this comes days after pr you have trump fired the fisher director amid a investigation into his 2016 possible ties to russian election meddling. >> absolutely done properly. when i did this now i said, i probably maybe will -- that brf is further fueling controversy tonight. nbc robert handa joins vus from a gather of silicon valley leaders where many are ultimates over what the president is saying and what he is not addressing as well. >> reporter: that's true a large group of bay area leaders were here at the san mateo county drirkt transit building for a summit on the the kecking to the
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heartland. an outspoken ohio congressman are saying president trump's words only adding skepticism about his actions. >> the fisher has been in turmoil. >> it's not just how many points you get elected by it's your impact on society. >> the congressman helped lead the summit organized by the bay area economic institute. ryan pointed out public confidence in the president is crucial in so many policies and issues and in his view his constituents in the midwest is heading in the direction that public opinion polls reflect in california. he skofd at the president's assessment of comey in today's interview. >> look, he is a showboat. he is a grandstander >> now he is investigating donald trump and auchlds he is grandstanding time to get rid of him. people aren't stupid they pay attention they have common sense and see what's happening. >> at that time he told me you are not under investigation. >> no one is saying that it has
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to single out the president or be political what we want an is independent bipartisan investigation into the interference of foreign countries into our election. >> round table organizers want the distractions resolved. >> it seems like everything is breaking down in society today but there is a rich connectivity in private employers across the entire nation. >> reporter: in fact several participants said trump the candidate had some good ideas including investing in infrastructure and they can't wait until he chooses to or gets a chance to talk about those topics. live in sand carlos. >> thank you robert pfrmt. coverage continues in the next half hour bring you more of lester holt's exclusive interview. we'll also get insight from our own political analyst layer gerston about the motives and the timing and firing of comey. >> and nbc bay area the state is gearing up to spend money on a
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first of its kind project process the goal to make freeways safe ner. they want surveillance cameras and other high tech equipment to be placed. nbc bay area is jodi hernandez joins from us richmond this evening with the exclusive details jodi. >> reporter: raj, the hill top exit here along interstate 81 of the 13 locations identified today as a shooting hot spot. we've seen a number of shootings take place on east bay freeways a number of taking place in the middle of the skmut hours. well now a plan is in the works to stop it. >> the reign of terror on the frooway is over. >> driving on the freeways about to get safer and the move to put the brakes on the shooting contra costa d. a. and law enforcement mapped out 13 crime hot spots this morning. where state if you had funded÷p
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anybody else. >> investigators say 35 freeway shootings have taken place in the county in the past year and a half. this fully automatic ak-47 was used in a gun battle on highway 4 last may in the middle of the
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afternoon. >> every time a shooting happens, it feels to us -- et cetera just a matter of time before stray bullets hit innocent commuters. >> reporter: now wsh kal transtells me the state plans to spend anywhere from a half million dollars to about $$19.5 million to put all the equipment in process. they hope to install the cameras by the end of the summer. they say it's urgent for all of us. reporting live in richmond jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you jodi. a troubling story coming out of the uc university psychiatrist is accused of dealing in child porn. san francisco police arrested the men you see here. dr. billy lock hart on the right and roomate benjamin martin happened yesterday accused of trading child pornography on the internet. investigators found several devices belonging to both men which contained six hundred
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photographs. dr. long hart is accused of using the wi-fi at the college to uploads images. long hart is on leave pending the investigation. a lot of sun tern by the california new mujt budget release thd morning governor brown has a plan but president trump could alter that plan. the big concern for the governor for you the trump administration might change health care and taxes because that would directly impact us and the state's revenue. here some other budget details. k through 12 schools getting more money instead the cuts the governor nieshlly proposed. $50 million for the uc system is frozen until administers act on last month's scathing audit. new to bachlt back o tax money is not going to dr. s and don'tistis intsd the money used to keep down medical spending. the legislature has until june 15th to approve this budget. just in time for the busy summer travel season bad news for gadget heavy travelingers
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reaching for the movie or ee book maybe a no no thanks to looming spanks of laptop travel ban business and tech reporter joins us at the airport this could hit vacationers especially with little kids hard and people on long international flights. >> you know jess kwa many of us lean heavily on the electronic devices as we fly. but homeland security security says they pose a risk in airline seats they be be banished to the cargo hold. it's gotten almost impossible to imagine a long flight without a laptop or tablet computer. but more than a month ago homeland security launched a ban on electronic devices larger than a smartphone from certain airports in the middle east and africa. travelers are now bracing for a major expansion of that ban to include flights from europe. >> my laptop has got my personal stuff on it my work stuff on it
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got entertainment on. >> mike is a tech worker he space he'd miss watching movies and playing games but also worries about the kworpt information now relegated to the cargo hold. >> now that machine is actually something that can be accessed by a whole bunch of people. and it's carrying a lot of sensitive information about our intelligentle property. >> homeland security says passenger safety is at risk here. >> the terrorists are getting more sophisticated how they hide explosives and and they could possibly hide explosives in a laptop or similar device. >> a solution d tech ceo consist kristi wyatt's the tech sfree has to do with the defense industry does. >> many folks travel to certain parts of the world you don't take the actual laptop or phone you take something that if it were compromised it wouldn't be such a great -- such a great loss. >> reporter: now there are risks involved with all of these electronic devices.
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not to mention all those lithium ion batteries down in cargo hold. we reached out to homeland security which would only tell us they haven't yet made a final edition np reporting live in san jose, stot budman. >> we will stay tuned thank you scott. up next at 6:00 a shock on the hard wood ark basketball player in the high school south bay dies unexpectedly in the game how the community is responding including warrior star steph curry. >> a freeway shooting in north bay leaves two men injured in southbound lanes of 101 shut down for hours coming up what the chp has to say. >> meteorology jeff ranieri a few showers off to the north let you know who has the best chance of drizzle tonight and update on el nino this hour. forecast in ten minutes.
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you can see the shadow of the horse coming down the hill. >> that is a horse being transported through the air. the new video into the newsroom a horse rescue happening in southern california a short while ago our sister station down in l.a. the horse was stuck on the hillside in san bernadino county. firefighters sedated the horse before using the harness you see there and hoisting him in the
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air. thankfully you sought it right there the horse is back on the ground. the horse rescue in few minutes ag in san bernadino county. >> developing news from the the north bay a highway shooting tonight gunman on the run after shooting two people driving down 101 in healdsburg you you can see the victim car in the bay area sky ranger both driver and passenger were hit. kristi smith joins us live near 101 finally open after being closed for hours. we've seen the highway shootings but hasn't been this kind of violence there. >> reporter: yeah, that's right and that's why this is all so troubling to the chp here in the snoma county area. but we saw them and they spent hours on the freeway collecting everyday. at this point, though, they say they don't know if the victims were targeted or exactly what the motive was behind this. what they do so is that it was just after 12:00 today when a
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car pulled up and a fwunl inside opened fire on the driver's side of a white car with two young men inside. this was broad daylight on southbound 101 in healdsburg. the injured driver was able to pull over and witnesses started calling 911. the healdsburg and the snoma county sheriff assisted. southbound lanes closed four hours creating grid lock as the chp looked for answers. >> right now number one priority is identifying and arresting a suspect. and we have detectives also at the hospital hoping to interview the victims and get a better idea who might have done this. >> reporter: now, both of the victims are expected to survive ands you mentioned there have been freeway shootings in the east bay. the chp says they don't see a connection here. but it certainly is troubling to see such a bold shooting here, particularly considering that there are other drivers out there using the road.
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at this point, though the chp has not released information on a suspect or the suspect vehicle. reporting live in healdsburg, kristi smith. >> thank you. the sfoer in fremont continues to unfold. we have new information on the brawl that erupted during a wedding reception. this is the video post-ed to social media you can see dozens of people fighting at a we hadding in fremont last weekend. it happened in the parking lot outside of the royal palace banquet hall, a popular reception facility for receptions. a one-man injured in the me lee is now in in a medically induced coma. police still interviewing witnesses and shows photo lineups in this case. a man from missouri has been arrested. a grand jury is recommending that the contra costa district attorney be removed from office. grand jury found that mark pederson secretly spent $66,000 in campaign money over several
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years np. in december pederson admitted to spending the money serving as treasurer for re-election campaign. in response to the grand jury findings the d. a.'s union president is calling for emergency meeting tomorrow morning. well uc president janet napolitano be forced to step down the southern california launch is leading the charge after audit revealed uc officials hid millions of dollars. that state audit found a hidden fund of shh 175 million. new details from the report show major spending including a $13,000 retirement dinner. that's money one launch says could have paid for a student's full year of tuition. >> i just felt like this is the time when the leader of our public institution need to show some type of modderation and some type of modesty. >> laurels have introduced a measure which would place a motherer to yum and tuition increasing for public universities. the uc regent did meet food to
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discuss the findings. >> too many questions remain after state lawmakers get a report of oh orville spillway. the i sprol farl promsed evacuations the preliminary findings frount four-door that tree roots and there were blames deficiencies in the design and maintenance. lawmakers say not enough is known about how to prevent future problems so they'll continue to press for more answers. >> chief meteorologist is backy with us now you peaked our interest about talking about el nino. >> the full update koumg up at 45 after the hour. hang on for that. we're going to tease you a little bit longer with the el nino update. as far as tonight goes tracking nearby showers. >> and a live look right now shows the doppler radar with some scattered shower activity off to north.
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i don't think there is accumulation to for us tonight but still have to watch out for spotty areas of drizzle in the north bay also for coastline if you're heading in into san francisco that's also possible. you can see the low clouds visible right now in the live high definition camera where are we're currently checking in with 60. clouds stay in place tonight as temperatures will be dropping into the 50s and fast. tomorrow's forecast starts off with some patchy low clouds then get mostly sunny day for the afternoon. and it stays cool. no more 80s no more 90s n 65 below average fl the livermore at 67. and upper 60s from san jose to morgan hill. on the extended forecast you'll also see the wind tomorrow 5 to about 30-mile-per-hour. stays gusty saturday. then mother's day on sunday everything continuing to look dry. and we have a real special event this sunday. a lot a lot of moms heading out to great america with kids it's called courageous kids day where
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60 o six hundred kids get a day away from cancer if you're heading to the even it's a special forecast to you temps in the supter 60s and also sunny skies. heading back to the stented forecast we may see showers by next tuesday and wednesday. i'll have a longer look at this coming up at 6:48 and also the el nino update. >> also ahead a promising young high school athlete dies during a basketball game. we'll show wlau warrior star steph curry is doing to help the family.
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warrior star steph curry is helping a south bay family deal with a tragic loss. a teenage girl collapsed and died during a basketball game. kimberly she was the captain of the jv team at homestead high school in cupertino died during a game over the woekd. her family says kimberly loved the warriors and specifically steph curry in the wake of her death a social media campaign caught the attention of the
6:25 pm
warrior sta star and he did a special interview with the homestead high school newspaper. >> this is just a small token for he her family there is a lot of people thinking about them what they're going through. and hopefully honor her life. >> it might have been like a small thing for him but it was a really big thing for her and her family. i thought that was great. >> a big thing for the family and homestead community. curry also signed kim's basketball shoes after her father started the hashtag sign for kim. the family is awaiting results of autopsy. >> a vital bridge connecting the bay area to big is your is being rebuilt tonight input into the is sumit. this is what the brain damage looked like in march you can see a disaster. when crewser to it down. groups supporting the bridge was giving way had to be demolished well noy volume owe company is
6:26 pm
the bbld 15 steel girders to build a new bridge. the girders will be transported to the site beginning of jewel. >> they figured if they were to go ahead and have three skill gird wers a concrete it deck on top they would be able to 315 long canyon that's 100 feet deep. the bridge is expected to be reopened in september. this is a classic case of environment 8 injustice. >> what's in drinking water might cause cancer coming up we investigate a chemical that many people don't realize is in drinking water throughout california. >> also we have. >> did you ask him to drop the investigation? >> no, never. >> did anyone from the white house. >> no in fact i want the investigation speeded up. >> we also have more of lester holt's exclusive interview with president trump. what now, moving forward for the president. our political analyst layer gerston weighs in. trt: 6
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==raj/take vo== right now at 6-30: i also want to have a really competent capable directorer he is not he is a show showboater. >> right now at 6:30, the story continues to change. president trump on the offensive as he describes the firing of the fbi director. we have the exclusive interview. the white house staff is scrambling, the president is standing firm and the public watching if unfold. >> exclusive interview with nbc's lester holt president trump explains why he fired james comey why it shouldn't be
6:30 pm
controversy. pl our germany west bank joins with us mother. >> jess kwa raj major refrlgss from president trump today and stinging words directed at james comey in a 10 on interview with from the west wing president trump said comey firing had nothing to do with the russia investigation and everything to do with the fact that he was not competent or capable to be the fbi director. >> i was going to fire comey. my decision. >> you had made the decision before they came into the office. >> i was going to fire comey. >> >> in an exclusive with lester holt president trump says he would have fired fbi director james comey even without the recommendation of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> the fbi has been the fisher in turmoil i know in everybody knows that. >> reiterating what the white house press secretary said yesterday. >> the rank and file of the fbi lost converse in the director. >> no, sir that is not accurate. >> but today on capitol hill acting fisher director andrew mccabe offered his side during a planned hearing before the
6:31 pm
senate intelligence committee. >> i can tell you also that director comey enjoyed broad support within the fbi. and still does to this day. >> president trump told lester holt he sees comey differently. >> he is a showboat. he is a grandstand stander >> didn't sit well with two republicaning on the senate intelligence committee helping to investigate the trump campaign's possible ties to russia. >> frankly i'm offended at the president's comments today. this is a continuing pattern of disrespecting the men and women moua serve in our intelligence community. >> as for the russia investigation president trump expanded more on this sentence in comey's terming layer that he appreciated the former fbi director telling him on three separate occasions that he wasn't under investigation. twice over the phone and once over dinner. >> i actually asked him yes. i said, if it's possible would you let me know, am i under investigation. he said you are not under investigation. >> in a new poll by nbc survey
6:32 pm
and sfrur monkey 54% of americans think the dismissal was not appropriate. 38% thought to be it to be appropriate p 46% believe he was fired because of the russia investigation. 24% because of the clinton email investigation. and 22% said something else. as for the russia investigation, president trump today he would like to get to the bottom of it because it will show there was no collusion between his campaign and russia. jessica. >> okay thank you very much janelle. really what we're seeing here is a lot of mixed messages so it's hard to tale what's really happening. >> our political analyst larry gerston are we overbelows from the senators and politicians to general public. >> i don't think so especially with guesses waste gone on we have two questions they have to do with timing and motive. timing. why now? why does the president decide in may to fire comey when he could have done it earlier. he praised him in the fall praised him early spring and suddenly a flip flop that gets
6:33 pm
to the question of motive is is what's anhydrous ammonia it is he bauts he was doing a poor job grand standing as the president says? or is it because he was getting close we are his investigation of the russian connection? that's the big question. and that hangs over everything right now. so i don't think we're bureauing this hinge up i think what's happened is congress on and the presidency are falling apart. >> on the subject of congress what kind of impact does this have on congress on the business of running this country. >> jessica you hit the nail on the head. people think congress goes on with these things. no thar they're absolutely paralyzed it's like a deer looking in the headlights the democrats are beside themselves with anger because they think he was fired fired because he is he was getting closer. the republicans are caught between a rock and ha hashed spot they want to be loyal to the president but on the other hand they're catching from the sweets is catch it from other people about what's going on how do they come to terms with it? let me tell you something when you get to these things congress
6:34 pm
comes to a halt. it just comes to a halt petition with you we saw it with watergate. with iron contra. clinton impeachment they find themtz unable to do anything except cope with the huge cloud growing every day. >> so this new cycle will it go to the next story and standland what happens with it moving forward is there a tangible time line. >> there is not a tangible time ryan. we know this much. the investigation goes on .acting director said this today. you have to get to the culture of the fbi. this is what these people do. they are absolutely doing mattic about going on responsibilities. it's beyond party. it's beyond everything. they are patriots in the fru sense of the term. they will follow this thing through. it will take months. probably take until the end of the year and perhaps even into next year which gets us into election season which is one of the reasons way republicans are
6:35 pm
getting nervous. if you want to look for the sbot we are going to see a shift look to the republicans in the senate. why because there they have a six year term they can take that move that risky move and not pay the price necessarily like some of if the two-year term who every two years has to face the music. this is going to be a very rough period over the next year and it will overshadow health care, tax reform o-infrastructure reform all the things president president wanted down they take a back seat. >> ominous outlook thank you. of course continue to follow any developments on the story both on air and online updating digital plfrmt 24 had/7. >> what's in your water millions in california are currently drinking water that could make us sick and in some cases can even be dead gli. >> investigative stow stoven stocks one expert calls california a dirty secret he joins us. >> raj jessica we found 94 different public water systems
6:36 pm
serving a million people that currently carry problematic levels of a kennellingle called 1,2,3-tcp. scientists determined a lifetime exposure of that chemical significantly raises risk of cancer. while the the state o state in the process of send ago maximum limit of tcp in drinking water so far there is no legal stad anywhere. and people are drinking it in their water 123 tcf or trooi chlorpropane was once used as a solvent since the 1940s the chemical was part a pesticide manufactured by dow and shell. 1,2,3-tcp was taken off the market in the 1980s but washed into ground water where it remains to this day. >> this is draej. >> todd robynns is an attorney focused solely on safe drinking water. >> there is no other contaminant that is believed to be as potent a cancer causer as dangerous to
6:37 pm
people other than die oxen. >> this is outrageous that in 2017 people are drinking water with stuff that can kill them. >> it is. i think it's a pretty dirty secret the the state as prosperous as california has so many water quality problems. >> we reviewed california water quality data and we found 94 different public water system nas have levels of 1,2,3-tcp that scientists say are unsafe. three public systems in san mateo county one in santa cruz and wunt in monterey all showed the high levels. 64 other public water systems in the central valley had tcp in their water. although there haven't been studieds on erlts the direct effect on humans scientists in 2009 determined that it causes cancer in a lab animals. >> there's been a lot of people in this neighborhood died of cancer. my dad included. >> that data does not counts individual wells serving communities where people like ray lives. >> we got to die some way i
6:38 pm
guess. >> perhaps most disturbing he and his neighbors in friends county tombstone territory did not know the water was tainted until the activist group told them. >> it's an a grave injustice and i wanted to help fix that. >> amanda monaco is an attorney with the leadership counsel. >> there is axe being taken to make sure people living other places can have clean water but the priorities do not apply here. >> does that anger you. >> i think i've come to step it as status quo. >> across the street, 4-year-old nalt dwra's mother worry their water could kill them. >> translator: yes i am worried because we use the water to cook and bathe the kids. >> what scarce you the most about her future. >> >> translator: i worry it somehow might affect her as when she is older. my kids get sick often sometimes gloentd if because of the water. >> agricultural generally goetz
6:39 pm
the its way very powerful. >> bill walker helped author this just released report showing the wide impact of 1,2,3-tcp in places like the central valley. >> it was an ingredient in two pesticides that were so widely used that you find the stuff now all over the sand jauquin valley. >> well i put the blame for that primarily on dow and she'll, the companies waus because they marketed the products for decades. >> since 200543 different lawsuits have been filed against dow and she'll, a jury awarded $22 million to the city of clovis in one case. in another case involving redlands a jury sided with the chemical companies. shell and dow settled out of court in eight other suits. in the legal filings both companies contend since the state has not set a legal allowable level of tcp they shouldn't be held liable. >> as has the state of california waited too long to come to a standard here. >> i think one of the things
6:40 pm
that's most disturbing is to look at the amount of time that it often takes to get a legal limit set in california and to realize that when you look at the whole nation california is the golde standard we do better than anybody else. >> wouldn't you agree the state has taken too long. >> i do think the state has taken too long. which is a classic case of environmental injustice. no doubt about it. >> this is a map from california's water resources control board showing all the wells throughout california that have tcp in them. you can also find it on the webt at now we reached out to both dow and shefrl but she did not return messages. they said publicly in the past there is no proof that it's a human cancer causer or that humans have been harmed. state water brody officials admit the state has taken a long time to reach a maximum legal level in tcp. they're working on that and hope to set the standard within the
6:41 pm
next month or so. with the investigative unit i'm stephen stock now back to you. >> thank you we will wait for the update in a month like the state says if you have a tip for stephen or anyone else in give us a call you see the number. you can email us directly to the unit at >> all right turning over to jeff talk about the cooldown it's traumatic. >> i know we had 90s this week and now down to the 60s and here comes the wind. a little bit breezy today i'll tell you how gusty tomorrow in five minutes. >> a knew professionally installed appliance fails the inspection leaving the home owner on the hook. consumer investigator chris chmura. who are these people?
6:42 pm
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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plumbing repairs that didn )t meet state code. and she nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman who paid for
6:45 pm
plumbing repairs that didn't meet state code she said the plumber wouldn't help her out. >> she turned to our consumer investigator chris and. >> last fall glenn of a la paid the drain doctor $1500 to replace a leaky the water heater. after the job was done glenna paid $196 for a state inspection. now, the inspector tolder that -- that water heater didn't meet code. because there was water damage to her floor that the plumber should have repaired. well she called drain doctor and says the plumbing company told her it doesn't repair that kind of water damage. so glenn o ended up hiring someone else to do the repairs. another shh 196 for a second inspection. this time thankfully the work passed code. the she thought drain doctor should you had reimburse her for the two inspection fees plus what she paid to fix the floor. she says she do not o couldn't get the company to respond she reached out to us we contacted drain doctor and it cut glenna a
6:46 pm
check for $500 that's the amount that she was seeking drain doctor said we're sorry glennahooding to through in if you have a consumer complaint let us know the number is 1-888-996-tips or online at i think it's a fair question to ask. hotlinely when you're dealing with a contractor right up front what are you going to do if this don't pass inspection. >> nobody ever asks that. >> they should if they give you a good answer maybe it's time to mover on to somebody zbleels how many calls a week are you getting. >> about 20 a day you include the weeks they do call on weekends. >> very nice thank you chris. >> you're welcome. >> on the next installment of bay area refrlgss we share the untold story stories of successful women who are game he can he isabella is a national best selling writer escaped oppression and nil chilly after a military coup she calls the bay area home. >>s in a place of diversity of
6:47 pm
inclusion of tolerance of embracing what comes from different parts of the world, embracing different ideas. and there is space. there is air for everybody. >> hero her story is remarkable our emmy award ining series aires saturday night at 10:00 missouri among the women we feature wp. >> one of my favorite writers and the story of her and daughter and her daughter's death is a powerful book. >> tune it saturday night as well. >> jeff let's talk about the cool down tints a few day. >> a lock for five days of below average temperatures. also brand new update on el nino tonight. >> and the new update on el nino there is no now a 45% chance this could develop by late summer into early fall. there is no indication right now
6:48 pm
on any kind of increased rain chances but we're going to continue to watch the equatorial pacific that's the zone we watch for the warming when el nino moves in we'll let you know about updates. we were track ago slight chance of scattered showers in the north bay. most of the rainfall is off to the north. but we could have spotty showers near the coastline into san francisco and also into the north bay. there is spotty showers coming in the form of drizzle this evening. watch out for that as you do have the low clouds moving in. low clouds again for tomorrow morning but i think it's going to be more kfd towards the peninsula. the south bay actually getting in on sunshine and 50. and the tri valley a cooler start and 48. also look for the early areas of fog in san francisco and 51. and more of a partly sunny start throughout the north by and 52. cooler weather as advertised is on the way and the main reason why temperatures are going to continue to drop as we head even in the upcoming weekend is the area of low pressure moving in
6:49 pm
setting up shop and it's not going to move all the way through next tuesday. it continues to allow the cooler pushes of air across the bay area and also kicking up wind. i want to focus on the win definitely tomorrow more gusty. around 20 miles an hour for the morning san francisco down to san jose. by the evening hours any plans on friday night could be gusting up to 24 in san francisco, 29 at half moon bay. 24 in san jose processes also 20 uts from marened eu towards napa. the day overall looks good. see the mild to cool temperatures and get some sun the afternoon. 67 in san jose. and a chilly 66 in morgan hill. hard to believe that we did have some upper 80s and low 90s this week. east bay down to 66 in plesanton. also 66 in vallejo and 64 in hayward. peninsula down to 65 in belmont pmt colder 56 in daily city.
6:50 pm
san francisco 59 along the embarcadero. and up towards the north bay we have 68 in sonoma and 64 more paint reyes on the extended forecast 10 onto 20-mile-per-hour winds. great news for plans with mom. dry on sunday and then spotty spours returning tuesday and wednesday. .05 to .15 an inch. interior valley forecast is below average temperatures through next tuesday then maybe back up tos 78 by next thursday. my confidence is low on the rain chance next week based on what we're seeing happening. we'll see what happens the next couple days thanks for the update yef. >> well he was a hero during the giants world series in 2010 now diody ross is back. colin resch joins us from the ball park.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
road trip... okay the giants are back home tonight after a -- a forgotten nine game road trip. exclusive look from the ball park game the last place giants hold motivating the red maybe a turn around beginning tonight at the ball park think back to the band of miss fits back in 2010 the world series cody roses. >> he is back but with a new role. colin resch tells us.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: and he shoots one to left field. called it home run his second of the night. >> and that's how cody ross played his way into giants lower in 2010. national league championship series mvp. the giants go on to win the first three world series titles in a five year span. 2010 still fresh in his memory. >> every day i'm hearing somebody screams out, thank you. or you know great to watch. or you know whatever just something special that they scream. >> we did it. >> you know just some amazing memories i'll never forget. and cherish forever. >> now 36, ross played his final game in the majors with the as in 2015 after nine games he made the decision to retire. the culprit a heit hip dislocation about the diamond backs in 2013. >> there is not too many guys that get to run out there and tip his hat to the crowd and
6:56 pm
leave on your own terms. you know it's tough to come to grips with. but you know i have and it's -- it's a lot of fun being on the other side. >> the other side is coaching. invited to join the giants in spring trainings a a special instructorer the gig carried over not regular season. you'll ee eye pregame usually left field helping the likes of edwarda nunes and michael morris get acclimate zbld niece are guys without a lot of experience in the outfield. i help them out as much as i can. i wasn't take a look ago i was standing out there. so they understand that you know whenever i talk that you know i kind of know what i'm talking about a little bit. so it's nice. i get a lot of good feedback from them. >> in san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> takes me to great memories of 2010. >> making new memories that's going to do it for us see you tonight at 11:00. >> good night. donald trump's new tirade
6:57 pm
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against stephen colbert. >> why the president's calling colbert a no-talent now on "extra." trump versus colbert. the president blasts the late-night host as filthy after colbert's controversial tv rant. why trump thinks colbert actually helped him. plus, new video, a sneak peek at melissa mccarthy's spicy on this weekend's "snl." ryan seacrest today on the record with "extra" about the "american idol" reboot. >> everybody's saying they want you back. >> how close he is to signing, and kelly clarkson surprise about "the voice." kate hudson makes the red carpet official with her new man. charissa is talking love with kate, her mom go


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